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Installation –[in-stuhley-shuh n]: Residential Service

1/ Defined as Earth and Woods landscape professionals providing quality material and residential service by specific design or layout determined by a clients ideas and creatively executed by an Earth and Woods team leader. 2/ A Landscape company creating aesthetic beauty to the home as a priority. 3/Paver Patios, Deck Building, Retaining Walls, Grading, Fire Pits, Fire Places, Seating Walls, Mulch Installation, Quality Landscape Beautification.


Maintenance – [meyn-tuh-nuh ns]: Facility and HOA Service

1/ Defined as Earth and Woods landscape professionals providing quality Material and Exterior Facility Maintenance by annual service agreements outline between HOA’s and Property Management Company’s. Further, developing realistic landscape budgets, control costs, and develop beautification plans.  2/ A maintenance programs are tailored to meet the individual need s and interest of the community or business.


Hardscapes – [hahrd-skeyp]: Residential and Commercial Service

1/ the man-made part of the grounds constructed by Earth and Woods that are surrounding a building, as paved areas or statues. Separate to that; strategic boulder placement, tiered levels by retaining wall installation, and a landscape construction having incorporated illumination by landscape lighting.
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