Engineered Septic System in SC

Engineered Septic System in SC

The best rated Engineered Septic System in South Carolina is the Norweco Singulair Green. We distribute and install these systems. Here’s a copy of our last Q and A from a recent Facebook posting.

An Environmental Septic Solutions Q&A:

Q: My wife and I are really bummed out. We found a great piece of property we really wanted to build on but, the soil is not suitable for a conventional septic system. We can’t get a building permit nor the lending we need because of that. Any ideas on Our Next Move?

A: We understand your concern but, don’t worry there’s hope! Our Engineered System would work perfect on your lot. What we need to do is get a soil scientist to your property and access what type of soil you have. From there the engineers can design to those parameters and provide the proper layout to ensure a permit for the septic that further allows for a building permit. Then we install your system…It’s a rather simple process. We can provide documentation for your financial institution if necessary.

Singulair Green2
              The Singulair Green


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