Hardscape Construction

Hardscape Construction

Hardscape refers to hard landscape materials in the built environment structures that are incorporated into a landscape. This can include paver patio areas, driveways, retaining walls, sleeper walls, stairs, walkways, dry river beds, boulders and any other landscaping made up of hard wearing materials such as wood, stone, concrete etc. as opposed to soft-scape, the horticulture elements of a landscape that being shrubbery, trees, and flowers within the mulch beds.

From an urban planning perspective, hardscapes can include very large features, such as paver entry / walkways, driveways or fountains and even small pools. Most most water features are hardscapes because they require a barrier to retain the water, instead of letting it drain into the surrounding soil.

Hardscaping allows the erection of man-made landscaping features that would otherwise be impossible due to soil erosion, some that compensate for large amounts of human traffic that would cause wear on bare earth or grass. For example, sheer vertical features are possible.

Without nearby bare soil, or natural drainage channels or culverts, hardscape with an impervious surfaces requires artificial methods of drainage or surface runoff to carry off the water that would normally be absorbed into the ground as groundwater and prevent premature wear to itself. Lack of capacity, or poorly planned or executed drainage or grading of the surface can cause problems after severe storms or heavy extended periods of rain fall, such as flooding, washout, mud flows, sink holes, accelerated erosion, wet rot to wood elements, drowning of plants trees and shrubs and even foundation problems to an adjacent home like cracking the foundation, basement flooding due to water infiltration, pest infiltration like ants and other insects entering through damaged areas. These areas are best suited for a dry river bed. Channeling the water away from a home to prevent erosion issues further allowing from green areas for grass and plantings and the wow factor of hardscape achievement through boulder and rock placements. Try to envision a paver patio walking out your backdoor getting ready to roast some marshmallows at your fire pit while sitting on the decorative seat wall. At your back is a meandering riverbed and pathways outline with boulders and landscape lighting and flagstone steps recessed in the grass. All serve for purpose and esthetics. There are numerous ways to construct a backyard harscape theme. It all starts with a phone call for consultation.

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Consider the Following Options:
1/ Paver Patio
2/ Retaining Wall
3/ Landscape Lighting
4/ Boulder Hardscape
5/ Deck and Pergola Framing
6/ Grading
7/ Hardwood Mulch Installation
8/ Fire Pit/Fire Place
9/ Dry River Beds
10/ Project Consultation


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