Hardscape Paver Patio Construction

Hardscape Paver Patio Construction

Paver Patio Construction with Earth and Woods. We specialize in backyard hardscapes in the Fort Mill, Rock Hill and Lake Wylie SC area. Consult with us and explore options for landscape construction and your backyard escape.



The process is rather simple. A phone call to the office will start the process (803-802-2270). Let’s schedule an appointment for a Meet and Greet to discuss your ideas and note our suggestions. We provide estimate free from charge and designed to suit your budget. There are several manufacturers of paver products and typically you will find us using the Pavestone product.

When prepping for a patio we approach the installation by the following steps
1/ Cut a grade approximately 9 inches in depth.
2/ Fill in the first 5.5 inches with a sub-base of ABC (crush and run) compactable material.
3/ Followed by an 1 inch base of compacted granite screenings.
4/ Then you can start setting pavers in place.
5/ Lastly a poly-sand will be added to lock in the pavers and add a concrete edge to the perimeter so the paver is locked in tightly around the outside edge.

There are a few things to consider before and after the pavers are to be set
Always consider water flow.
1/ You never want water falling back to the home. Always pitch the water away.
2/ Do you have gutters? It might be a good idea to trench and pipe water away from the house reducing water flow on top of the patio.
3/ An excess amount of dirt will be generated from the grade cut. Maybe there is a place around your property to dispose of the material. If not there may be an additional charge to dispose of that material to the landfill.
4/ Sometimes access to the property my increase the cost by increasing labor in getting pavers to the project area. Fences and narrow areas between homes will restrict compact equipment from getting close to patio area.
5/ Irrigation lines and heads may need to be adjusted and at times it is unsure where those locations are when digging. Repairs at times are to be determined.
6/ Final grade from a completed project you may find you will need more topsoil to balance grade heights. This will further effect grass and provide options for seed and straw or sod installation.
7/ Make sure there are conduit pipes for electrical or landscape lighting installed prior to installation if needing future access.

Price Point
Pavers can be slightly costly but a quality install with run roughly $12 a square foot depending on the amount of area. Consider the area you want covered to ensure you have enough usable space for a fire pit, seating, and a table for gatherings. We can help with that when we visit your home.



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