Consider Paver Patio Construction

Consider Paver Patio Construction

Consider Paver Patio Construction for your next landscape project. At Earth and Woods you can find your source for a budget conscious and quality installation. We can create a usable and livable backyard theme for you.  You can contact us at 803-802-2270 to schedule a consultation. From there we can discuss your ideas and present you an estimate. Take a look at this paver cross section to get an idea of whats involved.

Paver Patio Construction

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Paver Patio Steps – Here’s what to expect from us…

1/ First off we need to establish a grade height and location off the house. This will determine how much earth needs moved to accommodate compact-able material to be installed. Typically expect to see 9.25 inches of dirt in height x the area worth of dirt removed. IE: 20ft x 10ft x 9.25 h converts to about 6 yards material. That material will need to be disposed of or regraded to the yard. You can expect to budget for additional grade work or landfill haul off. Once dirt is removed were on step two.

2/ Next a sub base of compact-able stone is brought in also known as ABC or crusher run. This sub-base will be approximately 5.5 inches in height when compacted.

3/ Next we install a base of screening material to bed the paver in. This allows us to fine tune the grade for a nice level finish. Then we compact that material again.

4/ Ok…now were in business. We lay pavers now. Prior to this we would have discussed the paver pattern. Be sure to consult about the pattern preference. It may affect the quantity of pavers needed as well as the labor charges.

5/ Once the pavers are completed a concrete edge will be placed around the paver edges exposed to keep it tight and not allow for paver separation. Along with that a poly-sand will be broomed in the paver surface to lock up any loose pavers and this would finalize the install.

6/ There maybe a little fine grade work accompanied by seed and straw depending on the finish grade height. Unfortunately you cant determine that area until the work is complete.

So Whats the Next Step…That’s the easy part! Just call us and your on your way to a new landscape construction project.

Fire pit, paver patio construction, Seating Retaining wallWhen putting together a backyard budget there are a few things you should consider in your backyard layout. What do you want to use your backyard chil-lax area for? What size fits the best? Do you have patio furniture? Make sure to give yourself room for usable space.

Fire Pit, Paver patio construction, Custom seat wall, FireplaceA great option for a paver patio would include a fire pit. There great for marshmallow roasting, some fine wine, and casual conversation. Depending on the location of your pit you can always incorporate a retaining wall / seating wall to either an outside corner or even on the interior of the patio. This is where your ideas and our craftsmanship come into play.

Now that your educated on our process. Let’ s schedule a consultation.Time to get ready for your backyard landscape construction.

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