Professional Landscape Lighting System

Professional Landscape Lighting System

A nicely landscape yard may catch your eye. Add a Professional Landscape Lighting System and at night it will make an impact statement that will not go unnoticed. Have you ever gone for a walk at night and noticed a light on through the window? You had no choice but to look, right? A well planned lighting system will do the same.

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Why Landscape Lighting?
Landscape lighting is an extension of the beauty that we see in the garden. It transforms what we see during the day to a dramatic, romantic, even mysterious scene. Life is brought to a landscape that would otherwise appear dark and dormant. Interesting branching patterns appear from the sculptures that only nature provides, along with the textures and color of tree bark. Flowers come to life, as do enchanting garden pathways lit with soft pools of light. Walls are illuminated showing interesting textures. A fountain or statue in the heart of the garden becomes the focus of attention.

A garden can be the extension of the inside of the home. Patios and pool areas can now be used for entertaining,dining or relaxing at night.

Safe passage through the landscape at night is a major benefit of lighting. Steps, abrupt changes in a paths direction and elevation, and low branches can be illuminated.

A well-lit landscape dissuades potential intruders from coming on the property and gives a homeowner a sense of safety and security.

Arriving home at night, a homeowner is greeted by the welcome sight of his garden and home. Light creates ambiance,and it naturally gives a person a sense of well being.

Clients spend a substantial amount of money on their property. Lighting affords them the opportunity to see a return on their investment both day and night.

What is Light?
Light is defined a something that makes vision possible or the sensation aroused by stimulation of the visual receptors as in Brightness. Consider that sometimes, more than the subject itself, light sets the mood. Mood begins with the quality of light. You no doubt have heard that a lot of light cheers, while a little light saddens. There are, however,exceptions. Low light levels can create romance, intimacy, and mood. The color or hue of the light also has an effect. Here’s an interesting fact. Response to light is a primarily a response to color, causing many conscious an unconscious emotional reactions. For example, in theatrical productions: Red=dangerous, Orange=warm and exciting, pale Green=kind, Green+macabre or ghastly, Blue/Green+sinister,and Blue=quiet.

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