Salsa Dirt

Salsa Dirt

We love Salsa like we love Taco’s…Sooooo- you need some quality Landscape Product Material.

Let’s grow a Garden! It’s here again- our famous Salsa Dirt. It actually smells like Salsa…! Take some time and enjoy the quick Spring time growth from mother nature and start a garden. We have fresh supply of Earth Farms compost and a screened topsoil. The mix is perfect for garden soil and Big Tomatoes. Try an Easy Summer Garden or Pepper Garden in a planters box constructed by Earth and Woods.

1.Planting the 6 foot x 12 foot Bed.
2.Area 1 – Cilantro and Onions.
3.Area 2 – Peppers.
4.Area 3 – Tomatoes or Tomatillos.
Choose either tomatoes or tomatillos. You must have two tomatillo plants for cross-pollination.
5. I always have my specialty peppers and few extras to add.
6. Contact Earth and Woods 803-802-2270

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Salasa Dirt: (AKA) Earth Farms Compost. EF – compost is made from 100% recycled material sourced from the Charlotte area. This compost will give your soil the structure that encourages healthy roots, nutrients, and water retention plants love. The key to having great soil is having soil alive with microorganisms that help keep your plants healthy. Our compost will replenish your existing soil with organic matter allowing microorganisms to thrive, making healthy and strong plants.

Fact: Compost improves soil structure and porosity – creating a better plant root environment.

Compost will put life back into your soil. Holding water like a sponge, our compost will cut back your plants’ need for watering and give them a slow release of nutrients. Looking to use compost around your home and garden but don’t know how to do it? Try a raised garden bed…

Raised bed gardening is a great place to start developing your green thumb. Raised beds are great for beginners, since you get to pick the soil and you do not have to worry about amending the existing soil. Raised beds are easier to manage than traditional beds, with the ability to segregate plantings and even raise the beds high enough to have a seat. We recommend our topsoil blend, which is 50 percent compost and 50 percent topsoil. This will give you a great base to plant anything from vegetables, to shrubs, to flowers directly into the soil.

Get started

  • Choose a site that will get 8 hours of sunlight, particularly for flowers and vegetables.
  • Select the bed’s frame. Popular choices include a rot-proof wood like cedar, cinder blocks or our favorite: stone.
  • Make sure the bed is at least 6 inches deep, allowing you to access the whole planting surface without having to step on the soil and compact it.

Prepare the soil

  • Loosen the soil up to allow for root growth.  If you find any grass or weeds, incorporate it back into the soil.
  • To help stifle weed growth, place a layer of newspaper over the soil and water it down. This will block the weeds from growing but decompose before long.
  • Fill in the bed with a compost blend, giving it the right soil structure and a slow release of nutrients to feed your plants throughout the growing season.

Finish the job

  • After planting the seeds according to the garden center’s instructions, finish by covering the soil with mulch to protect from over-drying and suppress weed growth.
  • Contact Earth and Woods for your Garden Bed Construction 803-802-2270.