Service Pro Cellular – Engineered Septic

Service Pro Cellular – Engineered Septic

The new Service Pro Cellular control center allows wireless monitoring of the Singulair Green Engineered Septic System and delivers the most advanced technology, convenience and performance available in the industry. The features of the new Service Pro Cellular result in an exceptional product that provides you with the advantage in the wastewater industry.

Telemetry…Today’s answer for the protection of tomorrows environment. Sounds a little high tech…I know, but it simplifies things greatly and why have to worry about something as important as a septic unit backing up into your home. Telemetry is the automated communication process by which measurements and other data are collected at remote or inaccessible points and transmitted to receiving equipment for monitoring. This takes the guess work out of monitoring your system in the field by looking for that big red light out side your kitchen window.

The Service Pro control center combines integrated circuity, advanced telemetry and web-based data acquisition for the remote management of any wastewater treatment system. Service Pro is the only control center that employs the revolutionary Monitoring, Compliance and Diagnostic (MCD) Technology. Designed to automatically operate the Singulair treatment unit, Service Pro also monitors the operation of the entire onsite system, provides verification of compliance with installation permit requirements and is equipped with on-board diagnostics that verify when the service work is preformed and when maintenance is required.

In the event of an alarm condition from the Singulair system and up to three auxiliary treatment components, the registered service provider is automatically notified. Notification of the alarm condition continues automatically every 48 hours until the alarm condition is corrected. Every30 days each Service Pro control center communicates to the monitoring center that the system it is operating is functioning normally. If for any reason the confirmation of proper communication of proper operation is not receive, the registered service provider is automatically notified. Concerns about operation and maintenance,for the system monitored by Service Pro, are a thing of the past.

This is a solid upgrade to consider…Contact Environmental Septic Solutions for a consultation for your Engineered Septic System. ESS capitalizing on the properties that won’t perk.

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